Things You Must Know About Persian Runners


Things You Must Know About Persian Runners


Persian rugs are fabulous concerning the flair and beauty it adds to the home décor. Runner rugs are particularly loved by a large number of people because of their versatility. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Since the runner rugs are smaller in size, they fit perfectly in spaces and simultaneously add character to the defined area. Here we would like to highlight a few other things that one must acknowledge about Persian runner rugs and thus use them optimally:


  • Narrow Persian Rugs:

People have a misconception that all Persian runner rugs are long and narrow. Although most of them have been designed that way, it still wouldn’t be fair to generalize them as such. They are available in broader width sizes and can also be used in other wide spaces. It’s also true that if the dimensions of a rug are smaller, they tend to look more versatile to be used almost anywhere in the house.


  • Famous Persian Runner Rugs:

The three largest producers of Persian runner rugs are namely Hamadan, Karaja, and Malayer that are available in a wide array of sizes. They are also very affordable and thus making them extra-popular amongst other types.

If you’re looking for luxurious Persian runner rugs, Tabriz has got the best ones for you. Although you might find them overpriced, they are definitely worth the money. They have a dense know count, and the patterns make up a complex and intricate piece of art. You would usually see them in sizes that measure 13 to 14 feet.



For high traffic hallways, Bijar runner is a strong contender. They are somewhat similar to Tabriz rugs with high quality and thus are found to be expensive.



Qashqai manufactures are very high-quality Persian runner rugs, but the production number is low as there are very few weavers available.



Where To Use The Runner Rugs?

Application of runner rugs is not limited in just hallways and stairs. They surely look fascinating in these two places, but if you put them in other right areas, they can work wonders in giving the flair you would want for the defined space. In a bedroom, they can be placed on bedsides or in front of your dresser. Other than that, they can also be kept in the entrance way or a foyer. If you have a bathroom that is too large and the blank space destroys the mood, then runner rug would be the best idea to tackle that problem.

A brilliant way of using runner rugs is to use them as wall-hangings for rooms that have a higher ceiling. It showcases your rug with absolute clarity, making it eye-catching instantly.

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